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Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Following a limb amputation, the rehabilitation process begins. In most cases, inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation will take up to six months and beyond. The rehabilitation phases are broken down into: Immediate Post-Op, Pre-Prosthetic, Prosthetic Fitting and Home phase rehabilitation. Ideally you have chosen a specialist clinic that has specialized in the rehabilitation of amputees start to completion.

During rehabilitation at Cedarcrest Prosthetic Centre, you are cared for by a team of Orthopeadic Doctors, Prosthetists, Social Workers, Physiotherapists and others. The therapy programme is adapted to your state of health and strength reserves. Usually you will have a daily physiotherapy session with gait training, and treatment sessions for therapy. These routines are distributed over the day with regular break periods. The treatment will take between 1 and 2 hours, with half-hour therapy sessions as a rule. The goal is for you to return to your accustomed everyday life as quickly as possible.

You need to understand that your active participation has a crucial effect on the rehabilitation results. This may also involve questioning and modifying your previous lifestyle. Your attending doctor or a psychologist can support you here as well. You also should not hesitate to request counseling from a psychologist or family counselor.

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